Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yearly IFSP

Yesterday was the big day, Malachi's yearly IFSP meeting. Josh, Malachi and I gathered with every single one of Malachi's therapists (Yes they were all there, in person, sitting at our kitchen table. I demanded this, and they obviously listened and have learned that this momma is not going to settle) to discuss his progress, goals for the next 6 months and any issues we were having. The wonderful new is that Malachi had advanced leaps and bounds in the past 6 months especially in gross motor. He still needs to work on the fine motor (30% delayed), and speech (verbal at 3 months comprehension at 10 months). His gross motor is amazing, he has normal muscle tone (which is virtually unheard of in kids with Down syndrome) (aside from his ankles and feet, that is) and if he wasn't diagnosed with DS he wouldn't be eligible for PT. WOW. The meeting went surprisingly well. Speech was increased to weekly, thank God! Here is what his schedual looks like.


We also discussed adding music therapy to the mix, however there is still a wait list, so it may be awhile till we start that, but it was also be weekly when it does start. Wow, we are going to be busy!! But I will do anything to help Malachi be the best he can be. He is simply amazing, and our little hero.

We are preparing for surgery on Tuesday next week. We called and got our room at the Ronald McDonald house in Madison for the night before. We are hoping to go home the same day as surgery, but are planning for longer just in case. I will be pushing for his tonsils to be taken out. He is 17 months old and still not eating solids, he gags. I think maybe his tonsils are to big and they don't allow room for his food. We will see that Dr. M has to say. If they do get taken out, we will surly have to stay overnight.

We are preparing for a major snow storm to hit tonight. The weather man is predicting 12 to 18 inches of snow. Ugh. I love the look of snow, but hate driving in it. Since my husband is a teacher, it looks like he will be having a snow day. Maybe we will take Malachi sledding??

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Emily said...

I am so glad that the meeting went well. Praying that the surgery is a success!