Monday, December 21, 2009

HELP cont....

In my last post I talked about the help we needed financially. I am so amazing at people's generosity, we got an e-mail today that our agency is going to waive the ENTIRE cost of this adoption!! Did you read that correct? They are going to wait the cost of the ENTIRE adoption!!

WOW. I am speechless.  I'll let you process what I just said for a moment.

That fee that was just waived for us is at least $10,000. What an amazing Christmas gift! God is good, sooo good.

What now? Well, we have to scramble to get a letter written describing our family and our desire to adopt children with special needs. We need to meet with our case worker and update our home study and pray. I believe there are 3 other families interested and the birth mom gets the final pick.

I am still in disbelief that such a huge cost has been lifted with the snap of a finger! Only God can move mountains like that! We will step through the door that has just been open and continue to give all the Glory to God, pointing our hearts toward the only One who is bigger than it all! I don't why we have been chosen when we are so unworthy, but I am thankful, thats for sure.


My name is Sarah said...

That is such good news.

Kristin said...

Wow - incredible. How exciting!

Lacey said...

wow, what a great Christmas gift! 2 other families are interested? I'm praying for them to pick you!

Andrew, Arianna, Liam, and Asher said...

WoW! God is amazing how He provides! We know that if it is God's will that you are the family for this little boy the birthmom will pick you!