Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Red and Green

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!! Tomorrow afternoon we will be going to my mom and dads house for a day of family fun. Around dinner time my extended family will come over and we will enjoy dinner together. My most favorite part about Christmas Eve with my family is playing the white elephant game for house. We don't buy just one white elephant gift, we buy multiple so we can play all night. It's always a wonderful time full of laughter! We can't wait, we've got some good ones this year!

Christmas day we will wake u and open presents, just the three of us. This year Malachi will actually be able to open his gifts, we cant wait to take pictures. Josh and I actually got gifts for each other this year. I am so excited to see if he likes what i picked out! My parents will come over Christmas morning for breakfast before we head out to got to Joshes brothers house. There, we open presents eat a late lunch and enjoy watching the kids play with all their new toys.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Give all your kiddos a hug from us!!!

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