Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whats in a name?

     My name, if you don't know, is Erin. A strong Irish name. My parents picked it because, at the time of my birth, it was uncommon. I have grown to like my name, but it would not have been my first pick if I were given the choice. I'm not a huge fan of unisex names nor am I a fan of common names. My children will never be names Michael, Emma, Katie or even Josh (all are perfectly fine names, just not my cup of tea!). I like unusual names, ones that are not often found on a teachers roster or on a key chain at Disney. Malachi, for example, is unusual. Hence the reason we chose it for our son. We adore the name Malachi but even more importantly is the meaning of Malachi. Messenger of God. Perfect for a little boy who has taught us all to Love like Christ.
    As Josh and I sit and think about this little boy who may be joining our family, we can't help but think of names for him. Unusual, meaningful and strong names for this little child. I am asking you, dear friends, what are some names that you like for sweet boys? Here is our short list....

Keaton (Joshes favorite)
Rylan (my favorite)

What do you think? any stick out to you? Send a quiver down your spine?

I think we like the "on" ending!!


Emily said...

Darling names! In Utah... Easton, Camdon, and Nolan are quite popular. Two Camdon's in my neighborhood, my cousin's baby is Easton and I know of a few Nolan's in our school. LOVE Rylan! No matter what you choose, it will fit the sweet face, I'm sure!

Blessed with Boys said...

Good to know Emily, In Illinois they are virtually unheard of!!

Kristin said...

I like Keaton. I also like Griffin, Cullen, Merrick, and Lincoln (all of which my hubby veto'd).

Denise said...

My daughter likes a boy at school named that name sticks out to me. I have not otherwise heard that name before.

Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

I know a Nolan and Easton in the area, both babies surprisingly! Must have good taste ;) My personal fav is Rylan! So cute. Whatever you would pick, I'm sure it will fit him perfectly, just like Malachi!