Friday, December 18, 2009


So, I spoke with JM (Our adoption worker for Malachi) briefly today. She said all parties are willing to work on adjusting the finances. There is a little glimmer of hope out there for us! We are going to continue to pursue this adoption with open hearts and minds just like we did with Malachi. Josh and I both trust that God will provide one way or another. Josh and I have been called to speak for these children who don't have a voice. We believe our purpose here on earth is to show Christs love to these sweet orphans. Our eyes have been opened and we can not turn away. Forward we march, willing to follow Christ where ever he leads us.

Anyone know how to set up a fund for donations on a blog? I NEED HELP!!!


Stephanie said...

Try I would just set up another blogspot blog since you already know how that works. Firstgiving is the same site that all of the Buddy Walks use for fundraising. :) Was really praying about this one. We were seriously talking about seeing what we could do to raise some cash and see if we could take him. :) Merry Christmas!!!!!! :)

Steph and Christopher

Tinkerbell Memories said...

I've never done it before but I believe you can set up a paypal account and add the html into your blog as a widget.

Lacey said...

3500 for a homestudy, holy cow. We are going to pay 600. I really hope you can get this sweet boy. I'll talk to a couple of friends that have done fundraising blogs and ask how they did it.
You can get a button from paypal and put on your blog.

Kristin said...

you may want to check out:
I'm not sure how helpful it will be... but you never know :)
Good luck!
Also, don't forget about the adoption tax credit. Check it out at: