Wednesday, September 23, 2009

".....the only thing wrong with him?"

     Ugh. There is nothing I absolutely loathe more that ignorance, wait let me think, no NOTHING! In the past 24 hours I have been educating "the world" (actually only 3 people, but who is counting?) on what and what not to say regarding people with Down syndrome. So if you are reading this and you are close to us in anyway, please, please, PLEASE listen carefully. Malachi was born with an extra 21st chromosome thus the cause of his diagnosis, Trisomy 21. He WILL do everything you or I can do, he will just accomplish it in his own time. His face may look a little different, his speech may be delayed and he may take a little longer to understand things, but he is perfect in every way. He was made exactly the way God wanted him to be, and God never makes mistakes. Please never refer to something being wrong with Malachi, because nothing is. Truth be told, if you look at him and all you see is Down syndrome, then something is wrong with you. He is so much more than Trisomy 21. He is a lovable, funny and stubborn 1 year old, much like your children are or were. When talking about his diagnosis, please speak in people first language. For example, he is not a "downs boy", he is a boy with Down syndrome. He is a child before he is anything else. Now that you have been educated, you can no longer claim ignorance.

     Just had to get that off my chest quickly. Thanks for baring with me. Now for an update on Ryan. It doesn't look like things are working out in our favor. We will continue to pray for questions to be answered and that something will work out. We are praying for you little man, stay strong while God reveals his ultimate plan for you.


Kristin said...

Keep up the educating - you're doing a great thing and being a great mama! Prayers for Ryan. If only the rest of the world could see what we see, what God sees, in these angels.
{Our birthmother went to an adoption agency that actually turned her away and said that Max was not placeable - can you believe it!}

Emily said...

You brought me to tears when I read your post. I totally understand. I try to not let things bother me, because people are so uneducated... but sometimes things just hurt. I have to agree on the whole "downs boy" comment. I think out of all of the things I hear, that one bothers me the most. I agree with Kristin... if only the rest of the world could see what we see, what God sees, in these angels!

Lacey said...

All I can say is amen sister.