Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Josh, Malachi and I had a CRAZY busy weekend. Sat. we moved my brother into a new apt. in Chicago and that night we had a BBQ. Sunday we headed out to visit Joshes grandma and great aunts. We had a wonderful visit and came home late sunday night. On monday we took Malachi to the apple orchard where he had his first pony ride. We were busy but we had a blast!

Here is a link t malachi's crawling video. He is getting better and better. We are so proud!
Malachi Crawling


Lacey said...

He is such a big boy. I can't believe how far he's come since I first found you guys. He was still in the hospital :)

Emily said...

He is doing FABULOUS!!! Justin has the army crawl down... that's about it. He still can't go from a crawl to a sit OR use his upper arm strength. Great job Malachi!!!

Kristin said...

Well... Paul C is in the room across from Max - last night there was a LOT of excitement around his room. He usually can't have too many visitors and they are limited to 20 minutes... last night tons of family started showing up. I overheard a nurse talking about all the excitement. Since we have the same nurse, I asked if they had found a heart for him. She said she wasn't suppose to say anything... but she gave me a wink!!! We left about 9pm and there was still family in Paul's room - waaay after his normal visiting hours. So.... that's what I'm guessing. Depending on where the heart was from (if they were flying it in), they would have done the surgery last night (I heard the cardiologist say something about certain new meds at 2am). Anyway, I'm dying to see if he's in his room when we get back up there this morning - hopefully he's in surgery or in the PICU!!! I didn't want to post anything unofficially, but I've been crying tears of joy for his family all night! Pray!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Yes, yes, yes on PC - he's in the OR now :) I hope they update their blog soon (guess they're a little busy right now!)