Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess what? My computer is back and better than ever (literally) my wonderful neighbor was able to get my pictures off and put a new hard drive in. Now this processing beast of a machine is back up and at it! My blogging will be back full force (thank you for your applause, i know you missed me!)

Now to the subject of this post, none other than amazing, oh so cute, Malachi! Our little sweet pea is progressing wonderfully! We are starting to see his personality more and more. We know he likes to be the center of attention, when we let him play on his own he cries and looks to see if we are watching. He LOVES kisses which is wonderful because he get a lot of them (a lot may be an understatement!). Malachi is a little cherub full of wonder, excitement, love and a whole lot of attitude and he is at such a fun age where we can see all those qualities daily. He is a mover and a shaker and will not sit still. He is rolling and scooting all over the place. Of the many, many, many things I LOVE about Malachi, his eagerness to do things, all things, is my favorite! He is such a joy!! Oh how I LOVE him!

On to other important things....On July 17 2005 I said "I do" to my now husband! We celebrated our 4th anniversary on Friday! Its amazing how time flys...I will take you all on a walk down memory lane, please contain your excitement, this is a true life fairytale!

The summer going into my Junior year in high school is when I met Josh. We were on a church retreat. While swimming in the pool one afternoon we had our first convo. "I can't see" I said referring to the mixture of sun and water in my eyes. The oh so suave Josh replied "then open your eyes" and thus our relationship was born. A few days into the trip I said to my friend Amanda "im gonna marry him one day." Little did I know it was going to actually happen. We dated for many, many, many years. Josh went to college and I went to hair school 2 hours away. We stayed together and before I knew it 3 years of separation was up. Josh came down to visit me at school one Thursday afternoon. While I was learning the ins and outs of mens hair cuts josh was busy decorating my apt. with all things love. I came home to Josh down on 1 Keen with a pretty little box in his hands. I said yes! A year later I wore a white dress and josh wore a back tux. I walked down the aisle and met the man of my dreams at the end. We had a blast that day and will remember it forever. Now 4 years later we have a house, 2 dogs, a pool and a amazing son (not to mention lots of laundry, bills and yard work which no one ever told me existed in fairy tales!). I cant wait to see where we are at in another 4 more years! There is one thing I know for sure, each day is a page added to our fairytale!!


Emily said...

Awww... your love story is beautiful! Happy Anniversary to you! Glad your computer is up and running. Looking forward to all of your posts! Aren't we so blessed to have our cute little guys!? Love 'em!

Alan Anderson said...

What a neat story for you guys. So glad that you have got your computer back. We're sorry that your little man has to get a G-tube - but my neighbor thinks everyone should have one - maybe that will make you feel better. She loves when she can't get her daughter to take her medicine that she can just open her button and send it on in anyway!! Too funny!!