Wednesday, July 29, 2009

IFSP and other random thoughts

Last week we had Malachi's 6 month review for his IFSP. It went well with very little arguing (surprised huh? we were too). We added DT a few times a month and started talking about what other services we could get Malachi in. Our service coordinater keeps telling us that she doesnt want to overwhelm us with therapy's and if it is ever to much to let her know. I got ticked off at that. I want Malachi to take full advantage of every possible therapy as long as it will help him. Josh and I ready and willing to do whatever necessary to help Malachi grow but I feel like this lady (if you could call her that, she is more of a dream crushing, negitive nancy if ya ask me. But you didnt, so scratch that) doesnt want us to. Well i have news for ya, Im not a quiet reserved person, if we feel Malachi will benifit from it, you can bet I will beat the door down till he gets it. Scary, I know. Ugh, my blooding is boiling, moving on.

Malachi has mastered 2 goals this week, actually 3. He is now pushing up into sitting and getting down on his bellie (thats 2 goals) and he is also reaching for toys out of his base and holding them in each hand. Yes my friend, Malachi finallly realized he has 2 hands and they can both work independant of eachother. This is huge and something we have been working on for months. Needless to say our PT and OT were beyond thrilled! Whats next? We are working on Malachi getting on hands and knees while reaching up for toys. This will teach him how to shift his weight so he can crawl. The PT said she things he will be crawling like a champ by the end of aug. Then we get to start on walking. Woo hoo! She said to Malachi today "does your body know you have down syndrome?" I really think the reason he is progressing so quickly is because he has the drive to do so. Hes not happy just sitting and playing, he wants to move and he will figure out anyway possible to do it.

Tonight is the night we are finally going to get Malachi's 1 year old pictures taken. We are excited because they are being taken by a pro, a real life photographer who doesnt work at sears or the picture people! We are going to a park and taking then all outside. She said something about a vintage red suitcase she want to use in a few of the pictures! I cant wait and I know they will be amazing!!

1 more thing before I leave. Those of you that live around me, we are having a garage sale this friday and sat. Please come and buy our wonderful junk (I mean amaxing deals to good to pass up!)


Kristin said...

Yay for progress and achieving goals. Way to go Malachi!

Emily said...

Good boy Malachi! Love it when they hit those milestones!