Friday, July 31, 2009

Abortion, Adoption and Down syndrome

Just thought I'd give my opinion on all 3 of these topics. Yes friends, I am going to go into uncharted waters here and be openly honest. If you dont want to hear it, look away now.

Alright here goes nothing. I need to get a few facts about myself and my husband out of the way first.
*We are 100% anti-abortion. No questions asked!
*We are Christians who strive to be more like Christ daily.
*We live in a majority white community. Our town has 1200 people total and not a single stop light.
*We adopted Malachi knowing that he had Down syndrome, needed heart surgery, faild many hearing tests and that he was substance exposed. We also knew that both of his Parents were african american and that he was child number 9.

While sitting in the garage watching people look through our wonderful junk, i mean wonderful stuff, at our garage sale I couldnt help but notice the looks. People were looking at Josh and I

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