Monday, July 13, 2009

Zero, Zip, Zilch

We got some good news in the Horton house today! Malachi is off every single one of his meds!! Today the cardio doc. took him off his last dose of Lasix! Just 5 short months ago he was on 5 meds and now nothing! Its an amazing feeling and the face below says it all!

Josh and I are still talking onver the g-tube decision. We are still waiting to get answers, lots of answers. Obviously we would rather not put him through another hospital visit and surgery but we need to look at the risks with aspiration and what it would mean to him long term. We havent made up our mind either way but we are talking to other docs and looking for someone to give us a second opinion. I want to make sure Josh and I are both comfortable with the decision and that we never regret doing it or not doing it. God's timing is perfect and we trust that he will light the path and show us the way. Thanks again for all your comments. We cherish your friendship and hope to meet one day! I am a better person because all of you!!!!

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