Monday, July 6, 2009

1 year ago

1 year ago today Malachi was born. 2 months early, weighting only 3lbs and was cocaine positive. His mom left the hospital after 2 days and hasn't seen Malachi since. His first 3 months of life were spent in a hospital crib. He was only held by nurses and never kissed goodnight. He was an orphan, with nowhere to go. But God being the almighty Father had HUGE plans for that little baby. On November 21st at 7pm Josh and I left Rush University medical center with the love of our life and the center of our world. Malachi was finally in the arms of his mom and dad. We settled him in his car seat gave him a blanket and started the 2 hour drive home. Grandma and Grandpa W. welcomed us home with nursery water and hugs. Malachi was home and we were beyond excited. The first night was sleepless and we didn't complain once. We quickly got into a routine and life went on, the only difference was we were now a household of 3. Malachi had his first procedure in December. It was a cardio. cath. to check out his heart. The measured pressures, took pictures and got a better understanding of what was going on. We only had to stay 2 nights. We were ready for the BIG heart surgery, the one we had been praying about for weeks. Jan. 30th Malachi went in for the biggest surgery of his little life. Weight only 8lbs Malachi was hooked up to a bi pass machine and feel asleep. 3 short hours later he awoke with a fully functioning heart. We almost lost him 5 days after surgery, but God protected him and 3 weeks later we got to come home! No more heart monitor, a few less meds. Life was good. We have had 3 more hospitalizations since then. Through it all Malachi has remained a trooper. He is strong, gentle, sweet and sometimes stubborn. He is a miracle and a gift for God. Josh and I are so blessed to have this little stud in our lives! We love him and everything he brings to our family! We can't wait to see what the next year holds! Happy 1st Birthday Malachi. We love you to the moon and back!!!

We have been so busy getting ready ready for Malachi's birthday party this weekend. We are expecting 70 people! Yikes! Josh and I realy wanted to make this a celebration of life, there have been 3 times that we thought we were going to lose Malachi. Our house and yard have been neglected so we are running around cleaning, weeding and planting flowers. We will have lots of pictures to post from the big day! I am off to bed, every bone in my body hurts.


Emily said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! What a little trooper he is! I hope you get the rest your body needs so you can enjoy his amazing birthday party!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday big guy! Sending LOTS of love and hugs your way for yor birthday. Eat lots of cake. :)


Steph and Christopher

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! How did you adopt him? Was it through the foster system? Thats what we are thinking about doing.

Becca said...

Happy belated birthday! He's a lucky boy with a wonderful 'forever family.' He's gorgeous!