Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malachi's first week at home

Mommy and I wating to get discharged from the hospital so we can go home!!! I was VERY excited!

After my first bath at home, I was so snuggley!

My first bath at home, I am a wiggler and NEVER like to lay still.

Here I am meeting my cousin Ethan, we love each other!!

Sleeping in my swing, my favorite place to nap!

I feel asleep in my car seat and mommy took advantage of me staying still.

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you like my sweater? Mommy got it for $1.99, she likes a bargin!

My and my Uncle Mark, we are going to be best buddies, he is going to teach my how to play basketball!

Me and Uncle Mark, daddy and Grandpa! Grandpa is excited about getting me out to the race track!
This was my first week. I love my new home but I miss the nurses who took care of me for so long. I am getting lots of love and attention. I am eating better and starting to focus more. I rolled over twice so far and my strength surpirsed my doctors! I am also off my moniter which makes mommy and daddy VERY happy! Wish you all were here, I am having a blast!

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