Monday, November 24, 2008

Joy unspeakable

"Joy unspeakable it wont go away" thats how we feel right now! Everything is going great and we are getting to know eachother and us as a family! Malachi sleeps great at night, he actually needs to be woken up to eat (and to take his meds). Its is neat to see my husband as a dad! He is great with Malachi and loves him so much. Im slowly getting used to being a mom. I woke up early sat. morning and washed bottles while the boys were still sleeping. I said to myself "this is my life now" truth be told, I like it!

Josh has to go into work today to get subplans together for the rest of the week so i am home alone today. Which leads me to this amuzing story. Malachi eats at 6am and Josh leaves for work at 5:45 am. So he brought up a bottle and started warming it up in some hot water. When my alarm went off at 6 I woke up, went to the restroom and grabbed the bottle. I realized we were out of diapers so I went to get some more out of His bedroom. I tossed the bottle on the bed. When I came back I realized there was an empty bottle in the bed. I thought that maybe I was so tired that I put an empty one back in the bed at the 3am feeding. I began to search for the bottle that I threw into bed. Suddenly I realized that my butt was wet. Then it hit me. The empty bottle was the one in the bathroom. Woops. Everything got we. The sheets, comfortor and blankets. GREAT! So now I will be doing layndry all day to gett the nast formula smell out of our bedding. All I want to know is why Josh took the nipple off the bottle to warm it in the water?? I will laugh about it someday.

Tomorrow we are off to Chicago for Malachis Cardio appointment. THey should be able to tell us some more detials about his upcomming heart surgery. Then wed. It is back downtown to his Peds doc. Then next week he is going to have a cardio cath done. Yike, we are going to be busy. Sometime with in all of this I need to get some hours in at work too!

Well Malachi is waking up and in need of a diaper change!

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