Monday, December 1, 2008

Next on the agenda...A cardio Cath

Our sweet little boy is going in for a Cardio Cath. This is where they make an incision in his thigh and send a camera up to his heart through his pa moral (i think that's how you spell it) artery. While they are taking pictures they will also be measure pressure, blood flow and oxygen levels. This will give the surgens a better idea of the extent of his heart condition before they do the surgery. Josh and I decided to stay at a hotel in Ohare tomorrow night. We heard there is supposed to be more snow and being that we have to be at the hospital by 7 am, we figured being closer would be the best idea.

I am home tonight...alone (josh and Malachi went to Mens group, so i could get bags packed!) and I have to admit that I miss the little guy. We spent all day together and I really enjoyed more bonding time with him. I was reflecting back over the past few weeks and can't believe all the twists and turns we have been though to get Malachi home. Although majority of it was very difficult, I would not change the journey for anything. Those struggles prepared us for what we are about to face. Open heart surgery on an infant, recovery from the surgery and even the procedure on wed will be very drianing. I can only imagine how difficult it will be to give my son over to be cut open and for his little body to go through a MAJOR oporation. But I do know that God is the great Physician and He is in control. Death is a very real possibility. Can anyone really prepare themselves for the loss of a child, I dont think so, but Christ is our strength and we trust that His ways are prefect! So please be praying for the surgeons and nurses, that God will guide their hands and lead their hearts. We pray that God will use Malachi in amazing ways, to change people and melt the coldest hearts. We pray for a positive outcome and continued guidence in our decisions. Malachi is a gift to the world, and Josh and I are better people because of Malachi!

We love you all and thank you for all of your support!!


Shari said...

Hi! My name is Shari. I read your comment on Renee's blog. I will be praying for your precious baby. He is beautiful! I will check back if you don't mind to check on your family. I pray that you can feel the peace of Jesus and his strength during this time.

Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

Good luck tomorrow little Malachi! I'm sure you'll be a little trouper! We'll be keeping you and your mommy and daddy in our thoughts and prayers throughout the day.