Monday, November 3, 2008

Answered Prayers

It feels like it has been forever since I have written. Man how things have cahnged in the last week. We have some VERY exciting news, we will be finished with everything by November 17th!!! Our case worker will submit everything to DCFS that very day. Then we wait for DCFS to process all our paperwork and as soon as they are done...we get to bring Malachi Home!!!!!! It usually takes DCFS a few weeks to process the paperwork, but our case worker is going to try and expidite it. SHe did that with our finger prints and background checks and they came back in 2-3 weeks rather than 6-8 weeks! PLEASE be praying that this last step will end quickly and that we will be able to bring our son home by thanks giving or shortly after. God has provided through this entire process, we are beyond blessed!

I am so excited about all the little things I will get to do with Malachi. Rocking him in a chair when he is upset, changing his diaper, feeding him, getting him dressed in the morning and tucking him in at night. I cant wait to push him in a stroller, putting his carset in the car and giving him a bath. I can't wait for him to meet his anunts, uncles and great-grandparents for the first time. I can't wait to show him to our church friends who have been so faithful in praying for us and him. He is such a lucky little boy and we are lucky to have him as our son!!

We will be planning a "Welcome Home" party for him. We hope you will all be able to come and celebrate our little prince. We love you all more than words can express and are thankful you have joined us in our journey!! You have been the trunks that held up our branches when the wind was trying to push us down. God has truly given us the best friends anyone can ask for!! We love you and can't wait to celebrate with you!!

Ps. Josh and I both have our final interviews this week and our home visit next week! Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to bring home our son!!

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