Thursday, November 20, 2008

Latest update

Well Malachi is supposed to come home tomorrow!!!! There are a few medical issues that we are trying to work out but the plan is for him to be realesed to us tomorrow!! YEAH!

Admist the excitment of bring our peewee home there is also disappoinment and anger. THere are 2 family members that have chose to not be supportive. They don't agree with our decision to adopt Malachi and even said that it was a mistake! My first reaction to this was anger. Malachi is NOT a mistake and will NEVER be a mistake. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby who will grow up to be a wonderful man! And along the way he will touch people and change lives. As a Chrisitan I am called to love everyone in every circumstance. I am struggling with this especially towards the people who choose to not be supportive. I know we will encounter these types of people our whole life, but the fact that its family really crushes me. They are not even open to the idea, and even went as far as saying that he will be a burden! Im getting angry just talking about it! But it comes down to the fact that Malachi is our number one concern now, and if he is being treated unfairly, then we will have to seperate ourselves from them. It is not what we want to do, but to protect our child, it is what we will have to do if that cituation arises!

My sweet Malachi,
Your mom and dad love you so much! You are PERFECT, beautiful, smart, loving, strong willed and a fighter. God made you that way and remeber that He never makes mistakes. Our hope for you is that you grow up happy, loving, accepting, honest, strong, and healthy. You can be whatever you want, and accomplish whatever you want! With hard work you can do it and you will do it. God has given you something extra so that you can change the coldest of hearts. You are an assett to the world and our family! You will prove them wrong! We love to the moon and back peewee! We can't wait to bring you home!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy!

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~Isabel said...

I've been thinking about this post since i read it a few days ago as we had the same 'issue'. I was surprised, hurt and yes, angry with my family members but in the end, it truly didn't matter. I was a mother, my little one was home with us and we were a family.

(oh, and though i'm not prone to violence, lol, it did cross my mind. But really, nothing good would have come out of my comments back to my 'family' members)

Of course, a year later, i get requests from these 'family' members for photos of Emma--which i always send. I think that sometimes, it takes a while for everyone to share in the joy of your family.

I hope that your family members come around...but even if they don't, they will truly miss out of the joy of your family. And for that, well, i'm very sad for them.