Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Study Tomorrow!!

Well tomorrow is the big day. The day that we have been preparing for, for weeks! The floors are washed and the carpets have been cleaned. We are ready! This is the final thing on our list. After tomorrow we will be 100% done with our part. I could not be more excited or happy!

We are also going to Malachi's doc appointment tomorrow. Josh and I both took the day off to travel to Chicago and attend him appointment at the Heart Doc. We are hoping to get many questions answered and hopfully get a better idea when his heart surgery is going to be. We are praying after the holidays!

After the Doc we are going back to the home with him to do some more of our medical training! This is another HIGE step we must complete before we can bring our little prince home.

We want you all to keep praying for us and DCFS. Pray that they process our paperwork quickly and issue our liscense. Pray for Josh and I as we prepare for the adjustment in our lives and our new roles as parents. Pray for family members who are still not supportive of our decision. Pray that Josh and I have understanding and patience with those people. Pray that Malachi will be a blessing in peoples lives and that he will continue to grow big and strong! Thank you for joining us on our journey and for those of you that have faithfully prayed for us!

I will post tomorrow night on our day with Malachi and the home visit!!

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Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

So exciting!! There is an end in sight, hehe!! I'm so happy for you guys, Malachi is going to have a wonderful set of parents! (and neighbors,lol :)