Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We got a call...

Finally we heard from the babies case worker. He was never released from the hospital. The docters didn't think he was stable enough to so to a transitional home. He is a very sick little boy and will need major heart surgery sooner rather than later. He has what they call a serious cardiac leison (spelling?), I am not sure what that is, but will be doing research and will post what I find. Right now we are not even worring about the possible adopting, we just want him to be healthy. Our number one concern is getting him stable and are confident that His doctors will be able to do that. Pray for him right now, he has no mom and dad, but he had a father in heaven that loves him more than anything and is hold him is His arms. We probablly wont hear anymore till next week...So we wait...and pray...again.

Erin and Josh

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