Thursday, August 14, 2008

A new turn

We have said all along that we don't know where this path to become foster parents is going to lead us, and we have just experienced our first turn.

Some friends of ours from church told us about an e-mail they received about an infant with down syndrome. He has no mom and dad and is up for adoption. We didnt really think much of because it sounded like they were going to pursue adopting this child. Well this week a regroup they approched us and gave us the number of the lady to call. Josh and I went home and talked...alot and prayed....alot about this little boy. (he is an African American, born in july and onle 4lbs) We decided to pursue this and see where it takes us. I just got off the phone with this childs case worker and it seems like this is a real possibility for us. We are praying for Gods guidance and wisdom as we seek more information on this baby. Please pray for us over the weekend as we have a lot of talking and thinking to do. Gods ways are amazing and josh and I are prepared to turst and follow Him whatever path He brings us down. We are scared out of our minds but excited at all the possibilities.

PS. thanks for all the support from those of you at regroup last night. As we see where this turn leads us we ask that you continue to support us, as things suddenly just got more difficult.

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