Thursday, August 21, 2008


We didnt hear from his case worker today, that meas tomorrow we will get some information!! Untill then I leave you with this...

"If the Lord calls you to something, He is going to bless you through it. He called us to take a leap of faith and give a home to this tiny orphan boy. And every single day, we reap the rewards of what God will do when you step out in faith."

This is how we feel and we havent even met the little man yet. Are you willing to step out on faith with us? Are you willing to let you heart, life and mind be transformed by this little guy? God has amazing plans for him, and will use him in amazing ways. We are confident that he will accomplish many things, it doesnt matter how big or how small they are. We are continually praying that God will protect him and give him the strenght to overcome EVERY obstacle and the He will use this little boy to do big things!

We should have more info tomorrow.

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