Thursday, November 24, 2011

While we were away...

Fist of all...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We had a fabulous day at my aunts house with my entire family! The food was amazing, the laughter was abundant and the memories made will last a lifetime! I cold go on and on and write a post about what I am thankful for but it seems boring and mundane since we are are usually thankful for the same, health, friends, husbands, are thankful for the same right? Yea, I thought so. Don't get me wrong, today was all about an attitude of gratitude but the last thing you want to read is yet another blog about Thanksgiving...I'll spare you that much! :)

Moving on...Elijah is officially a full time walker! Strap on the running shoes everyone because when he finds his sea legs there will be no stopping him! I'll try and get a video of the drunken sailor this week, it's a good laugh!

Malachi is having yet another procedure next friday. His 3rd set of tubes are going in and he will be having a sedated abr. We are so happy that they are finally doing this. It is something we have been fighting for for three years. I cant wait to know how much he can hear and if there is any hearing loss. Speech is a huge concern, he is sooo far behind, we are hoping to find some answers next week. Unfortunately, each time he has sedation he is required to stay in the hospital for 23 hours for observation. This is a new requirement and not one we are looking forward to but it is for Malachis best interest, so we will grin and bare it.

That is all that has been going on. We are just living the dream each day.

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Kristin said...

Yay Malachi.
Hey, I emailed you about the coats, but didn't get a response. I'll try again...