Friday, November 11, 2011


A few weeks ago Malachi got his first ever ear infection. We thought this was weird, he's never had one and I didn't think he could get one because he has tubes. While they were looking around in his ear they noted that it looked like one tube was coming out. I immediately called the ENT and could not get him in till last week.

While at the ENT last week, they confirmed that the tube was nearly out. Dr. M went ahead and pulled it out right in the office. Malachi also had a hearing test which was yet again inconclusive like the 30 million other ones he has had. FINALLY they decided that a ABR was the best option. December 2nd is the magical day when Malachi will have new tube put in, his ears irrigated and and ABR performed. We are looking forward to finally having some answers!

Fast forward to today. Malachi woke up with discharge from his ear. Dr. M confirmed that it is yet another ear infection. My poor baby is miserable! I do not know how you mom's of kids who get these often survive. I'm waving my white flag....


Lacey said...

Jax has always had great ears for a DS child. He does have tubes for fluid, but his ear canals are considered huge in the DS world! He has only had a few ear infections in nearly 6 years. You need that tube in quick!

Cheryl said...

Poor guy. Ruby has never had any ear infections but got tubes in her ears a couple of weeks ago for fluid. My oldest son is a different story though and when he was a baby anytime he ran a fever I knew he had an ear infection.I don't know how many he had but they sure made him miserable.Thank goodness for him the antibiotics always seemed to work fast.
Hope you can find something out from the ABR.