Tuesday, August 23, 2011

While I blog

I'm sitting at my computer by the window while I type this. Malachi is at school, Elijah's is looking at books in the play room and the dogs are sleeping at my feet. While the inside of my house is calm, there is a storm raging just beyond the the window. The wind is blowing the rain hard against the window pane. Thunder shakes the house and the lighting provides a glorious show. There are birds hiding under our deck trying to find dry shelter and our neighborhood bunny who finds rest next to our pool is missing.

Many people fear these types of storms, but not me. They serve as a beautiful reminder of the past 3 years of our life and the storms we have been through. The storm right now came quickly, dark clouds filled the sky and made their way over our house. The rain poured down in buckets, thunderclaps were strong and the lighting flashed. But soon this storm will be over. The grass will be refreshed with a fresh drink, the flowers will stand straighter and bloom again. The clouds will roll out relieving the bright blue clouds and the sun will reheat the earth. The birds will fly again and the bunny will take it's spot in the yard..that is until the next storm comes and brings with it the rain that was so needed.

Yes we have had MANY difficult "storms" over the past 3 years, but just like any storm, the sun always came back out and we were strengthened and refreshed. Right now things are going great but I trust that a storm is lurking somewhere just waiting to move in and when it does we will be ready because we know the joy that lay on the other side!

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