Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Under a rock

Yes, we have been living under a rock the last few weeks...or months. Blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Things have been relatively boring around here and coming up with ideas of what to post have become increasingly difficult. Good thing I have some WONDERFUL friend who have been so kindly bugging me to get back into blogging. Good news, I am happy to be back and have been busy catching up on all your adventures! I can't believe how much your kids are developing and growing! It warms my heart! Speaking of growing....

 Malachi with his best buddy Bryson while on vacation.
 Another one from vacation.
 Malachi enjoying some superman ice cream on his 3rd birthday.
 Elijah enjoying the walker, yes he is getting close to doing it solo!
 Malachi in the new swing set he got for his birthday!
 Look at the attitude!!
And finally, Eli trying to copy his brother.

Malachi celebrated his 3rd birthday in July which ment we said good bye to all his therapists! However in less than 2 weeks, we say hello to his new school! So not ready for that but trying to focus on the positive. I know he will enjoy it and learn so much while he is there. When did my baby grow up?

Elijah is getting more and more talkative (yes i know this is hard to believe, he is a chatter box!) he is even starting to imitate sounds! He is all about gross motor right now which makes his OT curse like a sailor. He is a eating machine and recently surprised us all when he happily scarfed down feta cheese, raw tomatoes, raw green peppers and corn beef. He is the kid you invite over when you need to clean out the fridge! Tomorrow his is being evaluated for sure steps which means walking is right around the corner!

Josh officially got hired back to teach at the same school and the same grade! He is thrilled and I am thankful! He has been teaching summer school for the last 3 weeks and has a training all this week which means we haven't gotten to see him that much. School starts on the 15th but he has inservice stuff starting Wed. next week which leaves 3 more days with him home to help! I'm sure there will be a long honey-do list! :)

I am doing well. Trying to keep up with 2 lil men can be difficult but I LOVE staying home with them! I've been busy crocheting a lot. I've been seeing all these super cute kids hats and decided that I wanted to make some as well! I watched you tube videos and quickly got the hand of it. Now I'm a hat making pro if I do say so myself. But I have another post on that coming up later this week. I will leave you with a little teaser....
A newborn hat with ear flaps and a large brown rose! LOVE IT!

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Kristin said...

I don't see the change in M as much, but E seems to grow up in every post!