Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some may say...

One of Malachi's many nicknames is Peewee. Born a 3lbs, its a fitting name. Fast forward 19 months later. Malachi may still have stubby arms and legs but he is thick with a trunk of a tree!! My favorite thing is when he wraps those stubby arms around my neck and gives me a squeeze and plants a kiss of my cheek. It's that personality that I LOVE.

Some may say Malachi is small but he has a BIG personality.

We went in for his follow up ENT/Audiology appointment today. It went wonderful and we finally got a good hearing test. He can hear within the normal limits!!! We are so very thankful for this, the last thing he needed was a hearing impairment! While at the appointment, he wooed every nurse. Thankfully Malachi has a sweet smile to hide the devilish behaviors. While "talking" to a nurse, he riped Josh's glasses off and snapped them in half.Ugh.

Some may say Malachi is sweet but he is as stubborn as they come!

Right now Malachi is resting his sweet little (and I mean little) head on his new big boy pillow in his bed sleeping. Reverberating throat sounds are coming through the monitor alone with his African dreamland music.  Eli just finished his bottle and is sleeping, quietly (this is a change for us as Malachi has always snored like a 300lbs man). I am eating ritz crackers, drinking tea and watching the Olympics. Josh is working late at school and I am enjoying the quiet that has settled over our house. This is the life...

Some may say that I am blessed and I could not agree more!!


Lacey said...

Sounds like the perfect night to me!

Emily said...

You ARE blessed! Hope you enjoyed your relaxing night!