Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eli's trip to the Cardiologist

     Today was Eli's first trip to visit Dr. F. We were very anxious about this appointment, as we knew very little about Eli's heart condition. I love Dr. F, he is a firm believer in getting children on the minimal amount of heart meds possible, first thing he did was lower his lasix from .5ml's to .35mls. Eli has been having issues with low sodium and his pediatrician wanted to put him on sodium, Dr. F said "lets just lower his lasix's and see how that works before we put him on another med. That is why I LOVE Dr. F, he doesn't fix side effects of other meds with more meds. He also said our little Eli has no signs of heart failure, but he does have pulmonary hypertension which means surgery will happen at 4 months rather than 6 months. We go back in a month for another echo, ekg and office visit with Dr. F, we will chat about surgery and where we want to have it done at.

      Malachi woke up with a NASTY rash all over his torso. I took him to the doc today thinking it was chicken pox, much to my surprise, it was an allergic reaction to something. I thought about what had changed in one night and realized Malachi had pasta primivera for dinner. He has never had it, so something in that little jar of food caused thousands of tiny bumps all over my baby's skin. He is now on benedryl. Thank God it was not chicken pox!

     Now I am heading to bed, I have seriously been going all day. Good night all!

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