Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just some facts

Rahm Emanual

*48 years old, Married with 3 children

*Studied Ballet in High School and was offered a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet, he declined. 
*Has a masters degree from Northwestern University in speech.

*As a teenager, he severed his right middle finger slicing meat at Arby's and went swimming in Lake Michigan before getting stitches. After the wound became severly infected, Emanuel had the top of his finger amputated and spent six weeks recovering.

*Has served in the White House before, as a senior advisor to Bill Clinton. On Emanuel's 38th birthday, Clinton gave him a photo with the following tongue-in-cheek inscription: "Now Mr. President, how many times do I have to tell you, say it this way?" Clinton wrote. "And, by the way, wish me a happy birthday. Always gently, Rahm. 11/29/97."

*Before working in the Clinton White House, Emanuel worked for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. He was first elected to Congress in 2002, and is the fourth-highest ranking House Democrat.

*In between his stints in Washington, Emanuel got rich working as an investment banker. He once sat on the board of Freddie Mac and recuses himself from any Congressional votes on the mortgage giant.

* Orchestrated the Democratic takeover of the House in 2006 and is known among colleagues as "Rahmbo."

* A devout Jew, Emanuel was so intent on negotiating the passage of Congress's $700 billion-bailout bill that he got a special waiver from his rabbi to work through Rosh Hashanah.

* Has been known to send out cheesecakes from Eli's Bakery in Chicago to campaign donors and the many Democratic candidates he has recruited over the years. Once, when a pollster made him angry, Emanuel sent him a dead fish.

 "Chicago politician and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus has been described as a profane, hyperactive attack dog — and his supporters argue that this steamrolling personality would make him an effective, formidable gatekeeper to the Oval Office."

It seems to me, with a masters degree in speech, he should be able to come up with more intelligent ways to express his displeasure with his staff than "F***ing Retard." Just a though. His words hurt thousands of people who have, are or know a person with a mental disability. But he apologized, right? And that makes everything better. If you ask me, he should have his Masters degree in speech taken away, obviously he is not capable of communicating effectively and still relies on his 6th grade put downs.  I am embarrassed to say that he comes from my state and I am even more embarrassed that someone like this is in the White house. 

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