Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our little worm

Wiggle, Wiggle Wiggle. That is all Eli likes to do and I think he learned that from his brother.
Malachi is a VERY curious big brother and is still trying to figure out why Eli can look at books with him.
Eli is showing more and more personality. He is going to be a shy little boy, who is perfectly happy entertaining himself.
And who can resist a tube free face? Speaking of tubes, Eli is doing much better at taking the bottle and usually only needs the tube a night!!We are still working on it, but its coming along!

Now I will leave you to enjoy the super bowl. I will be updating my calander and delegating Josh a few jobs to handle from here on out.


Kristin said...

LOVE your new header!

Lacey said...

Look at that sweet baby boy! I bet Malachi's loving being a big brother!

My name is Sarah said...

I think they are going to be best buds. So cute.

Emily said...

How sweet is your header picture! What a precious set of boys you have there!