Saturday, August 22, 2009


We have been MIA for about a week!! Summer is comming to an end and that means Josh is busy getting ready to go back to work. This week we spend majority of our free time organizing and setting up his classroom. Malachi came with us and enjoyed playing on the floor with his toys and daddies books. Hopfully one more full day and he will be ready to go!

Malachi is doing great. He had an echo this week and everything came back GREAT! His heart and valve is still leaking a little, but nothing they will need to fix. He also has started pulling up on things. Not all the way to standing, but to his knees! He is so determinded and so fun to watch.

I dont have a ton of time to post, so I will keep it short. Have an amazing weekend!

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Emily said...

WOW...pulling up to his knees is fabulous! Good for you big boy!