Monday, August 31, 2009

attitude changes everything

I cant believe its been 1 week since my last post. I've been in a blogging block and just can't think of anything worthy of posting about. I think its because we have been busy enjoying our last few weeks of summer with Josh before he is back to work full time. (Josh is a 6th grade teacher). Today was his first official day back with students! While he is at school playing "getting to know you games" Malachi and I are at home trying to get back into a routine. I'll give you a quick little update on Him as this is day one of my back to blogging.

Therapies: These are going great. We just started weekly DT. Malachi is such a had worker and all his therapist comment on his "get to it" attitude. He doen't get eaisly discouraged, yet another thing I LOVE about him. He is moving forward in PT, getting close to crawling the right way and still perfecting his pulling up process. Ot on the other hand is a struggle for him. He is a people person who LOVES interaction with other people. He could care less about toys. Putting things into containers, pushing buttons, he just doesnt care. About the only thing he lilkes to do is turn pages. He could read books for HOURS and often cries when I close books. He has just started clapping and waving, both of which we have been working on FOREVER!!

Growing: Malachi is now officially wering size 12 month cloting!! He is long, but his arms are short so we still have to roll the sleeves. He looks like such a big boy, I can't believe at a little over a year ago he was born weighing only 3lbs. How far he has come now weighing 20lbs!!

Speech: Malachi is a chatter box! I dont think we will be able to keep him quiet. Cant wait till I can understand what he is saying!

Baby girl: Still no news. More waiting.

Thats about it. We are getting things together for our buddy walk in October and Malachi is going to be in a fashion show in November. Oh and I just found out his adoption will be finalized in feb or march!! Woo Hoo!

Time to get going. DT is going to be here bright and early!!


Denise said...

Ella is the same way with books...loves to turn the pages and will cry(more like throw a fit) when I put the books down. Glad to hear he is doing well and becoming such a big boy!!!

Lacey said...

Keeping busy with all things Malachi. I'm very excited for our first buddy walk this coming month too.

Kylee said...

Hi There!
I found you through MckMamma's blog frog. I saw you mentioned you are a foster parent and became very interested.

I am 16 and my family has been fostering for nine years. my 2 little brothers were adopted through the foster care system. we have had two little girls for the past 10 months and they will be leaving our home tomorrow. All that said, foster care is very near and dear to my heart. Just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello. feel free to stop by my blog is you want!

Congratulations on your little one. He is precious!

Emily said...

I am so excited for our first Buddy walk this September! He is doing so well!

Alan Anderson said...

Way to go Malachi! Carter loves turning pages in books too. And he doesn't like the toys the therapist brings either - he just wants her to hold him - it is so cute!