Monday, December 8, 2008


Today we had our baby shower at Joshes work. It was great to see everyone and show off Malachi to them. We got a TON of stuff and we are so thankful for everyone and their willingness to give to our son. It is a blessing to be surounded by people who love us and support us. We are thankful!

Last night we tried giving Malachi baby cereal. He didn't really know what to do with the spoon or the new consistancy. He didn't seem interested. Tonight we tried mixing it with a little bit of baby applesauce. He did a little better. I was told giving him a little bit of applesauce would help with his poops. Only time will tell. Anyone have any advice on feeding children with DS? Any tricks?? Let us know! We are thankful that we are learing as we go!

We also got a call from the cardio department at Rush. They set up our consultation for next week on wed. We will head to Chicago, yet again, and meet with his team of surgons and get a "plan of attack" figured out. We are thankful for the cardio staff at Rush and their eagerness to get the surgery over with.

On a side note, my hubby graduates with his Masters of Education this weekend!! We are so proud of him and all the sacrifices he made to reach his goal! I can't wait to see him walk accross the stage and get his diploma. It will be a proud momment for our family and a lesson to our son that with hard work anything is possible!! Way to go Josh!!

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Shari said...

Daddy getting his Master's Diploma is a testimony to his son of hard work. Way to go Daddy! In the poop department: cereal almost always back a baby up if they are already have constipation issues. You might ask you Dr. or Ped. if an ounce of apple juice is OK for him. I hope this helps. On feeding a DS child: put the spoon on top of his tongue and tip the spoon forward so the food slides off and he has an opportunity to swallow it. It may take him some time but he will get it! I love your blog! Thank you for allowing me to return and pray for your precious bundle!