Saturday, October 11, 2008

Visit number 3

Today we made the trip to Chicago to visit Malachi. He is doing okay. He sounded very congested and was doing this coughing thing again. The nurse said he has good days and bad days but she can tell he is a fighter and that he will be just fine. Josh and I are so thankful God has placed so many "mommies" in that place. All the nurses love him and really care for him as if they were his own. He has lots of mommies and for that we are thankful.

My dad and mom came with us today. It was the first time my dad got to see him in person. I could tell he fell in love. He was to nervous to hold him, but he did hold him hand for a long time. My mom showered him with kisses and somthered him with baby talk. Our favorite nurse DeeDee answered some questions for us and sat to visit for a while. She is so amazing and I can't wait to bring Malachi back in 10 years to show her all he has accomplished!!

We have good news on Malachi, he is now 8lbs!!! Woo hoo. He gained 1/2 a lbs in 1 week. He is growing! Soon he will be going to the Doc time find out when he can have his AV surgery. Hopfully not till after the holidays. It was a great visit and we are planning on going back monday, Josh has the day off.

When we were done with our visit we went outside and were trying to decide where to go to lunch. Then Josh noticed the car window was down. However I KNEW i didnt leave it down. Then we realized someone had broken into our car. The took our GPS and thats all. We had the IPOD and my cell phone in there but they didn't take it. Thank goodness. They did dent the door and brake the window, there was glass everywhere! Not a good ending to our visit, but we know we can replace everything. It just might take a while to do so.

We hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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