Monday, October 20, 2008


We saw Malachi again on sunday! He is now 8.4lbs!! He is going and we are soooo happy about that. There are still a lot of things we don't have answers for, but are trying really hard to be patient. Next week Josh and I start the first home visit and interview. I am really nervous, so PLEASE pray for me!! I put in a phone call to our adoption specialist to try and get some more answers, I am still waiting for a return cal from her. As soon as I hear anything I will share it all on here with you!

We had lots of fun seeing Malachi. He was VERY sleepy and had his eyes closed most of the time we were there. He did wake up when he was ready to eat! His mouth was going crazy, we knew he was a hungry boy. A few weeks ago I was informed that we can no longer feed him. We have to go through a medical training class before I can begin to feed him again. Im not sure why, but I will respect and follow the nurses rules. Malachi rarely cries. He made a few wimpers and josh and I thought it was so cute! It is getting harder and harder each week to leave. We are excited about bringing him home so we can snuggle with him all day! You might not see us very much when he does come home, we will be in our pjs snuggling with him all day!

We can't wait till you all can meet our little man. And we can't wait to show him off!

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