Thursday, September 11, 2008


What do you see when you look at this picture? The snow topped mountains? The beautiful lake reflecting back? Do you want to know what I see? I see a struggle. Last night at re:group we sang a song, this is one of my favorite worship songs because I can apply it to my life. (not sure what its called, but I will figure it out for you) At one point in the song it says "My Savior, He can move the mountains..." And last night this phrase really hit home.

Josh and I have been on the incredible journey. We feel that God as called us to become foster parents. Faithfully, we have followed Gods plan. Recently God has brought a child into our live. His name is Aurthur. Many of you have read about baby Aurthur over the last few weeks, but I wanted to tell the story for some of our new readers. Aurthur was born July 6 and at one month old only weighed 4lbs. He was born in Chicago and due to unfortunate circumstances his mom was not able to care for him and his dad is no where to be found. God chose this little boy to be special, he has Down syndrome. Aurthur was left in the hospital, alone, to get strong and hopfully his case worker would be able to find a loving family for him to go home to. Josh and I felt like sweet baby Aurthur was suppposed to come home to us. So we began getting all the information we could about Down syndrome. We wanted to be prepared and provide this little guy with every resource avaliable. A few weeks later we found out that Aurthur was not strong enough to come home from the hospital. He was and is suffering from heart failure and will need major surgery. Like many children with DS, he was not strong enough to have surgery right away. They need to get him stronger and healthier. This is not an easy task and his case worker didnt seem to have a positive outcome for this little man. Okay, now you are caught up.

Josh and I have tried calling Aurthur's case worker, but she is on vacation till monday. We have questions and want answers. Josh and I are committed to brining this child home with us is possible. I think of Aurthur struggleing in the hospital, with no family there to hold him, or give him a bottle. This is when I think of the verse in the song. This is a HUGE mountain we have to overcome, and if there is anyone who can move that mountain, its God. He is mighty and if Baby Aurthur is supposed to come home with us, he will. But we need to remember that it is in Gods timing. I am joyful when I think about the mighty power of Christ. I think about all the amazing things he has done in my own life, the mountains he has moved for me and I am confident that he will move those for aurthur too.

I am not sure who gave him his name. Josh and I have been talking about changing it if we do get the opportunity to adopt. Malichi means "His messanger" and we think it is a perfect name for this child. I think of all the people whose lives will be changed by meeting him,and I am overjoyed. I know he has changed my life, and I have never even seen a picture of him. God is good...

"My Savior, he can move the mountains...My God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save."

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