Friday, May 30, 2008

We need you!

The past few days have been great. Josh and I told his mom and dad and we are waiting to inform the rest of the family on mothers day. Since this will impact the ENTIRE family, we feel it was important to include everyone and open up discussion about it. So far, everyone has been super supportive. The only concern is about having to give the children back. I agree, this will be the most difficult part, but I also know there are more children who need a loving christian home, even if its only for a few months. We are also hoping to get a baby who will be eligible for adoption. We would love to adopt, so, keep that in your prayers.
Here are a list of prayer requests, if you get a chance please pray over this list. Thank you all for you support and love through this. When we get our first placement we will have a big party for you all to meet him or her!

*Pray that Josh and I contiune to seek God will in this situation.
*Pray for the agency we are working with
*Pray that the process goes smoothly and we get approved.

PS. Here is a link of the agency we are going through.

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