Friday, May 30, 2008

Children in Need

May is national foster care month. Since Josh and I are in the begining stages of getting certified to become foster parents, I figured I would give you all a few statistics. I found them on Check out the websit if you get a chance.

*16,272 children were in the foster care system in illinois on January 31, 2007.

*52% of those children were male and 38% female

*half a million children were in forster care as of sep. 30,2006

There is a HUGE need for foster parents in Illinois. Josh and I are so excited to get our first placement and to start this amazing chapter in ourlives. The process takes about 90 days. So about 3 months from now we will be expecting our first child! Please join us in praying for the future children to be placed in our home. Pray the God gives Josh and I the knowledge and patience to be foster parents. Ask the Lord to make us a blessing tho many child who will then go on the bless others.This is going to be a difficult path, but we want you all to join us. And be praying for ways you can help. These children are our future, make a difference in their lives and change the world. It will be rewarding!!Happy Foster Care Month!

(Copied from an old blog)

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