Friday, August 10, 2012

The "R" word

I feel like it is a never ending battle. The fight to educate those around us, our community, our world is a challenge. I question if I am doing any good, if my words change their hearts. Often I feel like I am casting my heart out in a lake only for it only to fall in the water and make all the fish swim away. I'm asking you dear blog friends, what is your most effective way to educate those around on the use of the "r" word? What boundaries do you have set up in order to keep your children safe from the word? How do you gracefully deal with those who, despite knowing your thoughts on the word, continue to say it around you? What are some of your favorite websites on the issue? I'm revamping my "R" word arsenal and I really need your help!

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Kevin said...

I am not sure if it helps but I have an idea.
I am not sure if you have any dogs, but sometimes they get their mouths onto something they shouldn't. This could be nice clothing, garbage, or something that could hurt them if you don't take it away soon. I have find it very difficult to just try to take it away from them; a big reason is they don't want to give it up. It is much easier to try to switch it with something else they like, such as their favorite toy. This way everyone wins. They get something they want and you have the thing you didn't want them to have.
I have found that the concept can be used with people, too. So instead of working on ending the use of the word, you have them using other things to say. This may seem obvious or easier said than done; and you will probably be right. The thing is that it is hard to tell someone how to stop doing something, but you can convince them to do something else. For example, I would imagine the thing that hurts the most about the "r" word is that it emphasizes weakness. It might be easier to share your sons' strengths. Hope this helps, and if it doesn't, hope it at least brings comfort that someone else is trying to help.