Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just another day in paradise

Things here have be going GREAT! Winter is over and we have been experiencing amazingly mild temperatures here in Illinois. The warmth had allowed us to get outside and enjoy the sun which I am extremely grateful for! I attempted my first trip to the park with the boys since Elijah has been walking and the second I put them down they each took off in a different direction. It was some what of a comedy as I am running around trying to corral my children. We lasted about 20 mins. before I was spent. As I was gathering the boys, Elijah decided to throw the biggest temper tantrum, the kid didn't want to leave and did everything possible to get me to leave him there. He has done this a few times since then, little stinker! While at the park another mom asked me if  I was there for my job, as in a nanny. Ha! What is wrong with people? Are white parents not allowed to have black children? I answered no and walked away. I know she was thinking I was a hussy, having 2 toddlers so close in age clearly by different dads. Welcome to my life, it really could be a sitcom!

Malachi is rocking it at school! He is just growing up so quickly! We are excited because we just found out he will be getting an extended school year. 6 more weeks of school will be a HUGE benefit for him and his current teacher will be teaching it!

Elijah has turned into a little boy in the past few weeks. He is independent and stubborn as ever but at the same time he is a little comedian and keeps Josh and I laughing constantly. We are looking forward to seeing him develop strong communication skills this summer. His verbal speech is coming along great. He can now say up, down, I got ya, hi and go. He is truly doing fantastic!

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Kristin said...

I always feel so bad for my 6 year old when we go to the park. She always asks me to watch her do this or that, but I'm always chasing max. I can't imagine keeping track of two of him!