Monday, July 18, 2011


With all this Ipad business going on, I feel the need to do a post. Recently Malachi won an Ipad from a4cwsn. We are so excited! Malachi has 2 verbal words, yes and no. He does sign but is extremely limited  by the weakness in his right arm from his stroke. Although he has made GREAT improvements over the last year and a half, he is still unable to rotate his wrist, isolate fingers and is often unaware of his right arm completely. Another side effect from his stroke is lack of anger management and we see this come out when he cant communicate his wants and needs with us. He hits, pinches and pulls hair to express his frustration. I completely understand how he feels, because I too get frustrated with him for his behavior. At the same time I understand why he is so angry, I would be to if I knew what I wanted but had no way of expressing it. So this Ipad will truly be a Godsend! We can't wait to work with Malachi's speech therapist to figure out which communication app will best fit his needs. He will also be on a picture schedule at school which there is an app for. We are honestly so thankful to a4cwsn and this gift they are giving us!! Our lives will change for the better, Malachi's life will change for the better and there are no words to express what that means to us!

Please got check out does an amazing job at reviewing educational apps, special needs apps and communication apps. Many of these reviews are done as a video so you can see how it works before you buy it! You can also apply to get an Ipad of your very own!! There are some exciting things coming up, so while you are at it check out a4cwsn on facebook! There you can see pictures of children who have already received their Ipads, get codes for free apps (Gary often posts free codes, but you have to be quick, they go fast!) and you can meet thousands of other parents who are full of knowledge!

Please don't let one bad apple ruin your faith in others. Give a4cwsn and Gary a look, you will be happy you did!

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