Friday, July 22, 2011

dont be alarmed....

Tuesday Malachi went in for  his 3 year well child check up while there his pediatrician was looking of the medical form needed for school. She was transferring information when she noticed that last time they did lab work Malachi's hemoglobin was on the low side, but still within normal limits. She decided she wanted to order a CBC and a bunch of other blood work. Didn't think to much of it. I love that she is proactive and wants to make sure everything is perfect with Malachi.

Today I get a phone call from the nurse telling me they refiled Malachi's reflux meds. While I had her on the phone, I asked about his lab results. His t3 and tish were normal, some things were pending and she said "oh, his which blood cell count is low (2.9), I'll have the doc call you and see what she wants to do next." Freak out ensues. I've spend the last 30 mins on line research what low WBC count's could possibly mean and Im not liking what I am reading. Ugh. Im still waiting to hear from Dr. M but I am worried!!! Please leave me your thoughts, especially from mom's who have been down the cancer road with their children!!!! Im a mess.

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Kristin said...

Oh I hate half info calls. Hoping all is well :)