Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready or not

Elijah is a man of many words...err..sounds. Yes, a man of many sounds. He enjoys hearing his own voice, but let's be honest what man doesn't? When I try to have a serious conversation with him about his future he laughs. When we discuss his stubbornness in areas of weight bearing onhis legs, he quickly crawls away quicker than I can say...fill in the blank. So imagin my surprise this evening when he crawled over to the couch, put his hands up on the cushions and pulled himself to his knees....okay, I confess he's been doing this for a while. But the real kicker? I picked him up, put him on his feet, and there he stayed for nearly a min.! What the !&$@...? I questioned the little stink and he confessed, in his own jibber, that he's been holding out on me. He repeated this great feat many times before the sandman called his name and I realized this is the begining...not sure if I am ready. Yes, I know these things happen, children grow up, learn to walk and get attitudes. However, I'm so not ready to have a walker and a almost walker. For my sanity, I beg you Elijah, please stay little, mommy is not ready to be chasing two monsters around the house!

Ps. In the next year, if I ever hint about wanting another child, smack me in the face...hard, very hard! Pretty please?


Kristin said...

I keep thinking the same thing - 2 is plenty :)
But then those thoughts creep in, I go on the Reeces Rainbow site, Piper asks if she can have a sister, etc. I keep reminding myself that I'm 40 for pete's sake. So when I get the "I want another" urge, I think, "well, I can always adopt a 5 year old in about 5 years - no need to rush"!

Lacey said...

Thats what I told daddy, but now he's the one obsessed with these angels and wants one more. Actually, he wants to buy a hotel and bring them all home!