Friday, January 7, 2011

Chalk another one up for Down syndrome

Idiopathic hyperthyrotropinemia. Early hypothyroidism. Pediatric Endocrinologist. Dang Down syndrome.

On a regular trip to the pediatrician, I decided to have her check Malachi's T4 and TSH. Why? Because I've become obsessed with researching common medical conditions associated with Down syndrome and hypothyroidism has appeared on every list. She (the doc) thought I was crazy for wanting her to order a blood test when he was experiencing no symptoms, but I insisted and she obliged.

Fast forward a few days later...

My phone rang, I answered it.

"Mrs. H? "
"Yes" I reply.
"Malachi's T4 and TSH came back."
"Oh wonderful, what were the results?" I questing, expecting good news.
"Well...His T4 is lower that we would want, but still with in the normal range."
"But his TSH is high and I am referring him to a pediatric endocrinologist. I dont know how you do it, but your intuition is amazing"
After a little more small talk, she hangs up the phone.

My intuition is amazing? I was wishing it wasn't so but the truth is, it is. Humble, I know.

As is a pediatrician, GI, Neurologist, 2 neurosurgons, an eye doc and an ENT isn't (lets not forget OT, DT, PT and ST all weekly) enough to keep me running all around northern Illinois and souther Wisconsin, lets add in another doctor.

Much to my surprise Dr. C is amazing, and agreed that treating Malachi with medication is the best possible answer.

Welcome Levothyroxine, you join a long list of medications my 2 year old has been on. Sounds like you will be around for life, welcome aboard!

This wonderful meeting of DR. C was on monday.

On Wednesday, we took another trip back to the pediatrician. This time it was for constipation and reflux.

While there, Malachi was put back on reflux meds and BOTH boys were put on miralax. This time, Dr. M suggested we test Elijah's T4 and TSH.

I also asked for neck Xrays for the boys.

Thursday I got another phone call from Dr. M.

"Hello Erin?"
"Yes Dr.M, nice to hear from you, Im assuming you got the results for the x-rays and lab work?"
"The x-rays were not accurate, Im going to refer you to the hospital to have them re-done."
"What about Elijah's blood work?"
"Well Erin, It looks like Eli will be joining Malachi at the Endo. His T4 was normal and his TSH is high. Actually, its higher than Malachi's."

Another one bites the dust.
Chalk another one up for Down syndrome.


Kristin said...

Oh no! Just curious - after Malachi started walking, did his reflux get any better? Max's pedi claims his will, but I don't see any end in sight - ugh :)

Blessed with Boys said...

no it didn't in fact i would say its gotten worse! :( What is max taking for it?

Emily said...

Oh wow... you sure are inspired. Pray everything goes well. You are an amazing mama!

Kristin said...

Max was on Prevacid, now on Zantac. Doesn't seem to do much. He often cries in his sleep, which I think is the reflux. And he's been on Miralax for at least a year...

Lacey said...

Wow, your ped should have been checking that on a regular basis. I think ours does every 6 months. Except not now with Jax because he's already on meds. Great job beating out the doc mom!!