Thursday, April 15, 2010


With all that has been going on with Malachi, I've neglected Eli on the blog. He is now 5 months old, weighing just about 9lbs (yes he tiny) and long...really long. In the 90 percentile on a NORMAL growth chart. Finding clothes for him is a pain in the rear. He so skinny so pants that are long enough, don't fit in the waist and shirts that are his size are so short and show off his tummy. 

He is recovering from surgery like a champ! No issues what so ever. And today he surprised me by rolling over!! I know he can't be on his tummy for 5 more weeks...but I was just to excited, I admit, I let him do it a few times so I could capture it on the camera! 

Here are a few photo's from surgery...

This one was taken a few hours after surgery. Overwhelming to say the least.

First time eating the day after surgery...He was so hungry!

This was a great moment, full of tears of joy. 

Our wall of support! Most of them from Joshes students!

Just a few of the cards we got! Thank you to all who sent them, it was wonderful to read them all! There were twice as many hanging up when we got discharged!!

The day before we went home. 

I still can't believe his heart surgery is over and that he is only going to get better from here on out! Simply amazing. I am so thankful for all of our nurses and Docs that made this a success story. Thank you for loving our son just as much as we do!! 

Way to rock it Eli, mommy and daddy are so proud of you!!!


My name is Sarah said...

So good to see the surgery went well. I hope he continues with a good recovery.

Alan Anderson said...

Can't believe he rolled over! What an amazing trick just after heart surgery. Sounds like he might be tall!

Unknown said...

What a little superstar! Those pics are all too familiar. Its so amazing what drs and nurses can do! Not to mention what these little sweeties go through! Also, are those little pirate skull leggings? Love those! I'm so happy for Eli!