Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do ya?

So do ya like the new blog look?? I absolutely LOVE it! A wonderful bloggy friend, RK from Braska Bear and Just RK Designs volunteered to make a button for Malachi, the her offer turned into re-doing the ENTIRE blog look. I obviously said yes and within a few short days the blog makeover was complete. Go over and check her out!!

Malachi's button is done!! Please feel free to use it on your blogs, actually, that's a must. You MUST use it on your blogs. I think back to Polly, another little girl who lives in our state and also diagnosed with Moyamoya, and her button. The first time I read her blog, it was a post about Moyamoya. When we found out Malachi had a stroke i immediately thought of Polly. I knew his stroke could have been caused by Moyamoya and pushed for testing to be done.  Had I never seen Polly's button or read her story, we could still be left with no answers. I want Malachi's story to get out there so that people can become aware of Moyamoya. SO please, post his button. Who wouldn't want to look at the cute face all the time anyways? Perhaps Im biased!


Lacey said...

Oh my the new blog is so cute! I think one of the cutest I've seen!

Kristin said...

LOVE the new blog look. I am a sucker for cute little animals.

Stephanie said...

Absolutely LOVE the new blog look! Button is going on our site now. Sending hugs & prayers. Hope you all are enjoying the weather. :)

Steph & Christopher

RK said... nice! It's one of the faves I've done, very honestly. Thanks for letting me play! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great new look. That's awesome that your spreading the word about moyamoya. It's so important because medical professionals are slow to even diagnose a child with having suffered a stroke. Children including my own have suffered very disabling strokes because of this disease. Thank you for getting the word out there. I think I know Polly's story from If you haven't visited this site it's a great site with lot's of very good information and so many people willing to help.