Sunday, January 10, 2010

These are a few of our...

So I thought I would do a quick post on some of our favorite things. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Nike Little Pico shoes. Our Pt suggested these shoes because they are a perfect fit for little kids who have orthotics. They come in wide sizes and have plenty of room in the toes. We LOVE them.

2. Funny faces books by Rodger Priddy. Malachi LOVES these books. They have nice simple, big and bright pictures for kiddos with poor vision. The pages are made of cardboard which makes for easy turning and they are fun rhyming stories. Definitely invest in these, Im sure your kids will love them too!

3. Fischer Price Roll-a-rounds Swirlin surprise Gumball Machine. This toy was suggested to us by Malachi's PT. We use it all the time. It was great for use when Malachi was learning how to put things in, now we use it to coax him to crawl up the steps and to practice getting up into standing. It plays fun music and lights up when you push the button.  It also helps with tracking.

4. Simple Saline, what can I say. This is not one of Malachi's favorite things, but I sure do love it. In these nasty winter months, booger noses are inevitable. This wonder spray helps break up the congestion so daddy can wipe it away (or suck it out if we are really feeling lucky.) We go through a lot of this!

5. Munchkin straw sippy cups, with soy milk. Malachi will only drink from this cup (a gift from my mom and dad this Christmas). It has a valve which prevents major leakage. They come in fun colors and are relatively inexpensive. Because Malachi has a dairy allergy, he like his cup filled with vanilla or chocolate soy milk (as you can tell by this  almost empty cup).

6. And lastly, Malachi. His sweet smiles and wet kisses melt my heart. He is growing up way to fast and is learning to walk with a push toy (yikes). My favorite thing is getting to spend my entire day playing, singing, dancing and snuggling with this sweet baby toddler (He will always be my baby, even when he is a snotty teenager). If you dont have one of these extra special kids, I suggest you run out to the nearest adoption agency and get your name on the list, because they are the best kids EVER!! (in my humble opinion.) And who can disagree with this adorable face?

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Emily said...

I LOVE his adorable face! We have the same push toy and just pulled it out of storage for him! Love the gumball machine around here too!