Friday, January 15, 2010


Still no word. I am trying to wait (trying being the key word) patiently, but it is so difficult. How do you try to stay calm about a decision that could potentially change our life? Im not sure if you can, but I am trying. Today I found myself constantly online checking my e-mail and I never got out of arms reach of the phone. The bad news is that if we don't hear anything today, we are going to have to wait all the way to tuesday. (monday is a holiday and the agencys are closed.) There are still 2 hours left in the work day, Im holding out hope.

With all of this wonder going on I found myself nesting today! Yikes. I have been frantically cleaning the house just in case. But it hasn't been just the basic cleaning, I've been wiping down doors, cupboards and baseboards. I've organized the pantry, cabinets and closets. I also washed the floor in the kitchen, entry way and all 3 bathrooms. What has gotten into me? I want the house to be 100% clean and ready if we get the call, but all this cleaning? It's so not like me. I would rather be spending my time playing and reading with my son, not today, I am a woman on a mission.

One more thing before I get back to cleaning. I have to brag about Malachi for a min. He is sooo stinking smart. Josh and I have been getting better about using casual sign language when we speak to him. Just the basics, block, cookie, book, you get it. So I was reading a book on the floor last night with Malachi and I signed book. And then he signed it back. I thought for sure it was a fluke, so I asked him to show me book, and he did it again. I kept reading and got to a part about a baby, so I signed baby. Then he did it. Later on I signed up, and he copied me. I was and am amazed at how quickly he is picking up these signs. I'll be honest, I started to cry this morning when he did them for me again. I just love that little guy so much, he finds a new way to melt my heart every day! I am one lucky momma to have such a wonderful little prince! I will rest in the simple fact.


Kristin said...

Yay for signing - what a smartie pants!!

Emily said...

Hope the nesting pays off!! Praying for you! Good job on the signing!