Friday, January 29, 2010

Not even a week

Oh my. Little Eli sure has moved in with a bang. I took him to our pediatrician on Wed. It was the first time she has ever seen him. We went through all the medical things Eli has going on and then proceeded to get referrals to a genetics consular, cardiologist, nephrologist (kidney doc) and to get  labs drawn. We went down stairs right away and had some blood drawn. After we got his labs drawn we went home. Around 6:30 I got a voice mail on my phone from the nurse saying Eli's potassium was high and we needed to get him to prompt care to be evaluated. Ugh. We took him right away and they told us that he needed to go to the ER. Off we went. We got to the er and the got more blood, it was still high, so they decided to transfer us to another hospital with a better peds. department. I got to ride in the ambulance with Eli while Josh followed. While en route they gave Eli meds. to lower his potassium (apparently high potassium can cause the heart to stop beating). We got to the new hospital and they did another blood test, his potassium was still high so they gave him another dose of medication. The next morning his potassium was to low, so they had to give him more. Ugh, its such a fine line with heart babies. They were suspecting he was in renal failure and thus the reason for high potassium. Ultrasound came in and did a renal study which looked okay. They switched his formula to Similac 60/40 which is a low mineral formula and scheduled a VCUG for today. Eli had that at 8:30 am. The results came back perfect there was no urinary reflux. Phew. The doc came in and said that they had ruled out every other possibility so she thought the blood had just been hemalized. All that to tell us the red blood cells were popped during withdraw? We are home now. Eli is playing with a rattle, Malachi is putting his fishies into the fish tank, josh is grading papers and I am blogging. Its good to be home.

Our hospital visit was well worth it. I got to meet another amazing angel with Ds. She is a day older than Eli and will be having her corrective heart surgery next month. There was romance in the air on the 3rd floor!! I am excited to welcome another mom into our special club!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh No! Glad things worked out in the end. If that keeps happening, you might have the nephrologist check for these cysts that DS kids get. Christopher has them, and we were originally diagnosed with polycystic kidney syndrome. The nephrologist told ud that what they are, are like hiccups when the kidneys form. They usually don't interfere with kidney function, although it can if there are enough of them. If function is an issue, you might ask about starting him on Enalapril. It is actually a heart med, but helps the kidneys work better too!


Steph and Christopher

P.S. If you ever want to see another nephrologist, we have an EXCELLENT one who goes to Madison.

Kristin said...

Let the fun begin, huh? Hope week 2 isn't so eventful :)

Emily said...

LOVE the club! Glad you are all home!