Sunday, October 18, 2009

A trip to the ER

So last week we had court in Chicago (for adoption stuff). It went really well and we were done after about 5 mins of talking with the judge. We were in a great mood and decided to stop for lunch on our way home. We were eating our yummy salad's when Malachi started straining really hard and then crying. Josh took him to change the diaper. He was in the bathroom a long time and I was getting worried. When he came back out he had the diaper still in his hand, I knew something was up. He told me that there was blood in Malachi's stool. I freaked out and we took him to the closest ER (which happened to be the one that a VERY good friend of mine worked at). They got us in very quick and took all the vitals. I went through the entire list of surgery's and medical conditions....then the doc. looked at the diaper that my husband saved. There was def. blood, but the doc felt like it was coming from an external location. Sure enough he strained to hard and little cracks formed. My poor baby, we were sent home with a RX for stool softener. Im sure you all really wanted to know this, but I thought i would share! haha And just in case you were wondering he is doing just fine now!

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Emily said...

Poor guy. That happened to Justin last year. Not fun. Glad the court stuff went well!