Sunday, October 4, 2009

31 for 21... Day 4

November 21st will make our 1 year anniversary for Malachi's "gotcha day." We are preparing to spend the day  celebrating all things Malachi and reflecting back on the past year. I can't wait till he is older and I can explain to him the events that lead up his homecoming all the emotions and preparation. We will look forward to celebrating this day for Malachi's entire life.

We also have another exciting day coming up soon.... ADOPTION DAY. We go to court this month and there will be terminating parental rights of Malachi's birth parents. And then, we move into the official adoption process and at the end of Feb. things should all be finalized! We can't wait to celebrate the day Malachi officially becomes a Horton!!!

Happy sunday to all!!


Emily said...

So many wonderful dates to look forward to! That is very exciting!

Kristin said...

How exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about your Gotcha Day celebrations :)